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We're all about the cakes. We love making sandwiches and coffee for the good people of Worthing but cake is our real passion.

Find out which cakes are available today.

Old friends and new

We've got a wide range of favourites that you'll find gracing our counter regularly but we're also constantly on the lookout for new and exciting cake recipes. We like to bake seasonally, trying to make use of the best that nature has to offer and celebrating each season as it arrives.

If you have a particular favourite that you'd like to see then why not get in touch and let us know. We can't promise that we'll be able to deliver but we'll always do our best

Special occasions

We can also bake you a special cake for your special occasion - wedding cakes a speciality. Our custom homemade cakes page will give you a rough idea of what we can do. However, please make sure you contact us, whether you see what you want or not. There simply isn't space to list everything and we much prefer to talk to you about exactly what you'd like.